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Plaka beach

Portara, the trademark of Naxos ...
The remains of the temple dedicated to the god Apollo, standing imperiously in time.

Plaka, a wonderful seaside resort

Leaving the village of Agia Anna with its colorful little harbor, a stony road is guiding you beside a unique in its beauty cedar forest , to the boundless Plaka beach. All along the beach there are hotels, rooms to let, taverns and coffee bars which promise to seduce promise to seduce offering you their services with magnificent sea view.

Images engraved in your mind forever…

Only visiting for the first time the beach of Plaka, one will find it because it has the most dedicated holiday makers. It is not random that even at the beginning of 80’s it was hippies ‘ favorite beach. Golden, fine sand, light blue waters, hospitable dunes and scattered trees create an exotic image and give to Plaka beach its unique character.

Long live the Greek holiday!

Although for many people Cyclades are the most typical holiday host in the Greek islands, then a large share of the glory belongs to Naxos and its beaches, where, without any exaggeration, the legend is alive and well here, in Plaka.